Postdoc Fellowship on Decentralized Gig Work Platforms

The Human-Computer Interaction Lab and the Center for Information Technology Policy at Princeton are looking for a postdoc interested in joining a new research initiative to study and develop decentralized technologies to support public-interest open gig work platforms. 

Millions of people rely on and work for gig work platforms to deliver goods and services, from food delivery to transportation. However, these platforms are typically highly-centralized, undemocratic, and not designed in the public interest. The Open/Decentralized Work Platform Project aims to create and critically study the ecosystem of socio-technical tools (e.g., DAOs and dApps) designed to empower communities of local stakeholders (e.g., couriers, patrons, local businesses, and government) to operate self-governed networks and marketplaces.

We welcome multidisciplinary applicants with a passion for working on public-interest technology research with direct real-world impact. You will be joining a diverse team of engineers, designers, and social scientists.

This fellowship will start as a 12-month appointment, commencing on or about September 1, 2022, and can be renewed for a second year.

The research is in collaboration with the Drivers Cooperative, a driver-owned ride-hailing cooperative in New York City, and Nosh, a food delivery platform owned by local restaurants in Colorado.


  • A PhD in computer science or related fields.
  • Eagerness to have a direct impact in the world.
  • Strong software engineering skills, preferably with social computing systems and decentralized technologies.
  • Experience publishing in Computer Science and/or HCI venues such as CHI, CSCW, and UIST.

For more information, please get in touch with Dr. Andrés Monroy-Hernández at