The Workers’ Algorithm Observatory

A Crowdsourced Platform Economy Auditing Collaboration

WAO is a crowdsourced auditing collaboration for investigating black-box systems in the platform economy

Investigating platform economy algorithms, such as those used by Uber and DoorDash, faces major challenges in accessing the data necessary for a meaningful audit. 

To solve this, we’re developing the Gigbox tool and support for workers and allies to investigate black-box algorithms behind the platforms that determine their pay, schedule, and labor management through crowdsourced data collection.


We aim to help workers and allies making the platform economy more transparent, accountable, and equitable. 

Our goals are:

  1. To further develop the Gigbox tool and related mechanisms for workers to hold platform companies accountable through tracking how they pay workers across time, geographic location, and models
  1. To test and implement a data governance layer to keep each project and associated data accountable to workers and allies.


  • Samantha Dalal (UC Boulder)
  • Danny Spitzberg (Turning Basin Labs)
  • Dan Calacci (MIT Media Lab)
  • Andrés Monroy-Hernández (Princeton University)