Designing Tools to Support Food Delivery Workers

June 14 (1-5 PM EST) & June 15 (10-3PM EST), 2022

How does voice shape policy that regulates the food delivery industry in NYC? How do stakeholders in the food delivery industry create a voice for themselves? What are the technological and social constraints and conduits that shape the creation and transmission of voice in the food delivery ecosystem? 

These are some of the questions that we seek to dissect and answer through our series of participatory workshops with food delivery platform designers, academics, third-party gig work support app developers, and delivery worker advocates in NYC. Activities on the first day will include retrospective panels, where participants discuss prior collaborative projects and lessons learned to identify hurdles and challenges in this space. Activities on the second day will include generative participatory exercises using online whiteboards to generate ideas and actionable guidelines.   


The goal of this workshop is to facilitate the worker-led development of future tools to improve the working conditions of delivery drivers. Thus, we have selected participants who have a proven track record of centering worker voices and well being. In order to make room for meaningful collaboration between workers, their allies, and tool developers we will also be including participants who come from a more behind-the-scenes role in the food delivery industry (e.g. white label software developers, administrators at co-operative model platforms).


  • Experience <> design translation
  • Building platforms
  • Finding shared language
  • Accountability
  • Resisting algorithmic control through collaboration
  • Supporting stakeholder relationships in data-driven work


We are a team of researchers from Princeton University’s Center for Information Technology Policy (CITP) and the Human-Computer Interaction Lab (HCI):


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