CSCW Northeast 🍂 

Nov 6 Update

  • We are full now. No longer accepting registrations for this event.

What is this?
An unofficial and small in-person gathering of CSCW folks hosted in the Northeast of the United States.

Who is this for?
It’s open to students, postdocs, faculty, and anyone who participates in CSCW. Especially those with papers this year!

When is it?
Friday, Nov 11, 2022

Cornell Tech Campus in NYC 🗽

What will we do?

  • Socialize
  • Eat food
  • Participate in discussion panels
  • Propose and participate in “unconference” sessions
  • Have fun!

What is the COVID Policy?

  • Test before attending (contact us if you need funding to pay for a test, no questions asked).
  • Skip if you have been exposed recently.
  • Skip if you have symptoms.

Let’s not make this into another superspreader event 🙏

What’s the code of conduct?

We will follow CSCW’s Code of Conduct. Note that this event is not organized by CSCW or the ACM.

Who is organizing?

We are a decentralized group. You might be the next organizer.

For this one, Mor Naaman is providing the space at Cornell Tech. Rosie Bellini is helping with the local logistics. Andrés Monroy-Hernández is the original instigator on an thread and is curating the event, with the help of Jérémie Lumbroso.

Who do I ask questions or send comments to?

Contact Andrés, Rosie and Jérémie at:

How do I sign up? We’re full now!

We have reached maximum capacity! 70 people have signed up already, and that is the max number of people we can have in the venue.

You can sign up in the form below for future events (or go directly to the Google Form)

You should also join the CSCW Northeast Google Group to get email updates. If you don’t have a Google account, contact us, and we will add you.

If you’re on Slack, join the #cscw-northeast Slack channel (if this link to join expires, contact us). Sadly, we think this requires you to have a Slack account with a paid workspace and the approval of the workspace admin, e.g., your lab’s workspace.