Congratulations to KatieAnna Wolf for passing her final public oral (FPO)!

Congratulations to KatieAnna Wolf who gave a great presentation today on her work investigating user personalization of data sonification – that is the ability to use sound to represent different types of data. Katie’s work specifically examined how users can personalize their sonifications to represent data in two very different settings. In the first instance, she designed and evaluated a tool called ESCaper to allow users to use natural soundscapes to represent different forms of data on Twitter. For example, using ESCaper, users could use sounds to represent a particular twitter account or the frequency of tweets.

In the second instance, Katie investigated how users in an audience can personalize a live music performance by changing the sounds of the instruments performers are using. Both these studies showed the potential of user personalization of data sonification and to read more, please check out Katie’s dissertation. Well done Katie! We wish you all the best in Denver!

KatieAnna presenting her FPO

KatieAnna presenting her FPO

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